Heart on Wheels



For anyone who has ever had a long distance relationship, you know how tough the space between you can be. I met my wife over the internet, as has become commonplace nowadays, but the long road between Virginia and New York City became a very familiar trek for me over the course of two years. How fortunate for us both that I was a car guy and road trips are something we live for. My wheels at that time belonged to a 1995 Dodge Intrepid, which made the trip so many times my step daughter affectionately dubbed it “The Bat-Taxi”. True to its namesake,most of my trips up to New York were overnight drives and before long they inspired this poem. Racing up Interstate 95and up The Jersey Turnpike until I could see the marking lights of the Goethals Bridge over to Staten Island to my sweethearts home.

Its now been almost ten years since we met and seven wonderful years of marriage. The Intrepid soldiered on and was eventually passed down to my son who rolled its wheels for another 100 thousand miles. Yet all these years later the memory of traveling north in the middle of the night to see this woman I love,doing one of the things I enjoy most in a car I shall always fondly remember is captured in the lines of this poem…enjoy.

“Heart on Wheels”

In the dark of night

The headlights brightly shine

The wheels steady rolling

Following this heart of mine

The roads are no stranger

You see we’ve done this before

But we’re never ready to stop

Til we’re parked at her door

It’s a run we look forward to

The “taxi” and I

But it’s never as much fun

When we have to say goodbye

So when we get to go back

We eagerly await

To make familiar scenery go by

Along the asphalt so straight

Til we reach the long turnpike

Like a greyhound we take flight

And run without tiring

Aiming for the bridge marking lights

It feels like the Arch of Triumph

As we cross over to your Island home

I want to wave the checkered flag

To let everybody know

That once again we’ve run the course

To see my love in this chariot of steel

I’ll not let this distance keep us apart

As long as my heart has wheels.

-T.A.Green 7-2000 (Timmy the car guy)


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