Shadow of the Bat


When my wife and I were first dating, she asked me once why I was so fascinated with Batman. I tried to explain but for some reason I just couldnt make myself clear. So I wrote this poem, since we seem to communicate well that way, and I think it captures the essence of my comic book hero.

“Shadow of the Bat”

On a dark and rainy night

As a storm clutches the city

People seek the shelter of their cars and homes

Their uneasy feelings shaken by the darkness and rolling thunder

Then lurk those with evil in their hearts

To prey upon the fears of innocent souls

But then the lightening strikes

And a terrible shadow is cast

The silhouette of pointed ears and scalloped wings spread wide

Like a gauntlet it covers them

As they feel their blood run cold

For they know this is no constable

But a dark avenger with a code all his own

They know he will not kill

Yet some have prayed for death

Rather than face the pain of reckoning at his hands

They know he will use no firearm

Still their own weapons find nothing but the night air

As he closes with swift, ninja-like stealth

Their sinews tremble as their thoughts suddenly long…

For the safety of caged doors and barred windows

The one haven where he does not tread

Better to regain consciousness there,

Than hung by the ankles ten stories above

So let no innocent heart fear the lightening

Or the eerie moonlight

When above, from the gargoyles lair

They catch a glimpse

Of the Shadow of the Bat!



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