No 3D for Me


no-boring-3d-glassesThere has been much brew-ha made over the coming of age of the 3-D movie. Years ago you could put on your paper glasses with one red lens and one blue lens and watch arrows being shot at your head. Today the technology has evolved and the glasses look more like simple sunglasses, while the film still throws objects at you.

Years ago, the 3D film was more of a gimmick, while today it is becoming more of a mainstream effort, even in formats like IMAX. I hadn’t been to a 3D film in years, but after seeing “Avatar” in its standard format, I was compelled to give it another whirl.

To say that I was vastly disappointed is an understatement. I have watched people in department stores and co-workers I know shell out large sums of money for the latest in HD technology for their home use. HD plasma televisions, Blu-Ray players and HDMI cables, all in the name of the razor sharp,crystal clear picture. Now maybe some of my gripe is due to my aging eyesight, but after attending another showing of “Avatar” in 3D with my daughter, she complained of the slightly fuzzy elements onscreen as well.

Then my son informed me that the closer you sit to the center of the theater, the sharper the images may be, and since I tend to choose seats at the end of the aisle I thought it might be worth another shot. So another ticket and pair of glasses later, I was still just as off-put as I was the first time, so much so that I am now willing to say that if you haven’t seen “Avatar” in its standard format, then you have missed how good this film really can be.

I’m on board with the concept of the crisp,clear and incredibly well defined picture on the screen at home. My financial abilities haven’t caught up with what is being offered just yet, but I’m sure I will get there in time. I have enjoyed attending theaters and watching films at home for the better part of my adult life. I hate to think that 3D technology will be what finally drives me out of the theater and into my den on permanent basis.

I truly enjoy the experience of the big screen in theaters and it has been my number one “date night” activity for as long as I can remember. I have been wildly entertained, informed, educated, amused and broken into tears, and I have relished it all. However I still want that experience to be as sharp and realistic as it has been for so long, and certainly as good as you can experience at home. Maybe technology will continue to advance to the point that the glasses will no longer be needed, maybe then the theater will become such a wondrous place as the home can never be. Unfortunately I’m quite sure that kind of presentation will come with stout price tag, but that has always been the case.

Until that fantasy day arrives, keep my 3D glasses on the rack thank you, I’ll be enjoying my movies the old fashioned way. I would have already seen “Avatar” in the IMAX format had it not been for the 3D, I think this film in IMAX would be astonishing and breath-taking. Alas, I have not seen it offered that way so I’ll just have to be content with how much I enjoyed it otherwise. Maybe this will be my motivation for finally getting that big,flat screen at home.

Until then, I’ll see you at the movies, as long as it isn’t in 3D.

T. August Green


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