Kick Ass


Ah, Friday afternoon at the movies, early enough in the day to get a matinee discount, avoid big crowds, and get a free soda to boot. (perks of a movie club card)

Sometimes a day starts this good but takes a quick turn south when the film you go see turns out to be a dud, or mediocre at best, but this was not the case with “Kick Ass.”

Granted, to fully appreciate this film, one must be at least a quasi-fan of the comic book genre. If said medium is one of your favorite things then this film is for you. If you are also a fan of good action films, and by good I mean snappy writing as well as better-than- cardboard acting, then “Kick Ass” also qualifies. Lastly, if you are a fan of the Quentin Tarantino style of gritty effects that still manage to make you laugh by their over-the-top execution, then you’re in for a serious treat.

The best parts of this film are all about its mix and presentation, with part of the back story being imparted by the stylized line and ink drawings known so well to comic fans. The other is the crashing in of real world situations on the fantasy of superheros.

The frustrated teen who is the central character finds this harsh awakening the first time he dons his homemade costume. He quickly learns that the pain and blood of reality are generously omitted from the hero world.

After his initial recovery, he tries again with more success, but before too long he comes across an unlikely pair of crime fighters that are playing this game for keeps. He watches with wide eyes as the fast and stunning death of vigilante justice is dispensed.

The now queasy and trembling teen finds he has been sucked into a very real war of vengeance being carried out by a former cop who had been framed.

The film definitely has its peaks and valleys but it manages to blend the comedy and reality quite well. The big finish is filled with plenty of action effects, but it is played out to an unlikely soundtrack that adds spice and fun to an otherwise far stretch of reality. But hey, we are talking about superheroes here right?

Get ready to laugh, wince and maybe even have a misty moment, all over a bag of popcorn. “Kick Ass” delivers a shoot-em-up, hard-hitting good time.

See you at the movies!

-T. August Green


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