“Love’s Bridge”

brooklyn bridge4

I decided  I would start sharing some of the poetry I have written to my wife over the past ten years. I had never written poetry before I met her, so she gets all the credit for the inspiration. She often refers to these poems as “her words,” and that would be an accurate description.

Our two years of long distance relationship between Virginia and Staten Island was filled with emails, letters and phone calls, as well as many miles in monthly visits.

As I recall, this was one of the first poems I wrote for her, and it was part of our wedding day program.

“Love’s Bridge”

My angel on the Earth

On her island far away

Yet her love still reaches me

Her whispers to me say,

“My Love, My World”

Within my heart they echo

As I send them back to her

Each time more passionate as they go

The words work wonders

As if they labor with might

To carry cables of dreams and girders of spirit

Time and again, day and night

Until they raise a bridge

Stronger than any span

A bridge of love between us

For this woman and this man

Loneliness and sorrow shall find no passage there

Cast pain to the sea as feet take wings

To be together without a care

The warm embrace, the tender kiss

The joy of you that lights my way

The love that built a bridge between our hearts

A bridge that’s built to stay

© Timmy Green – 7/2/2000


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