The Quilt of Life



In honor of my wife’s love of the art of quilting, I wrote this poem for her in 2001.

“The Quilt of life”

Pieces of fabric placed together

Sewn with threads of love

Many colors, many patterns

Stitched from below and above

Both of us cut the shapes

To find the good in what we have

Then carefully fit them beside each other

As we trim away what’s bad

With precious time we sew the edges

Til an image meets our sight

And we find the proper corners

For our darkness and our light

So the fabrics of our days

Grow from tiny blocks to a spread

Until our quilt of love

Covers the entire bed

The years will go by

As new blocks will reflect

Constant caring and kindness

Never a stitch of neglect

So the quilt blossoms

Til the day our children see

An heirloom of beauty

That shows how true love should be

All the fabrics and colors

Tell of our joys and our strife

But every seam bears the thread of our hearts

That binds the quilt of life

© Timmy Green – 9 / 1/ 2001


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