Click of the Mouse


More poetry from our long distance romance. We met online, which was a new thing back then and I wrote this to her about the experience.

“Click of the Mouse”

A click of the mouse

A face on the screen

Reaching out to people

That I’ve never seen

I scroll through their words

That many throw up like a shroud

You can hear the loss and bitterness

Between accomplishments so proud

So many amazing feats

They seem to do each day

Can they really do all these things?

Or is it fighting pain and dismay?

Honesty is the best policy

I believe the old saying goes

So I held my breath and wrote the truth

Then waited to see what would show

Some that responded seemed nice enough

Some were very sweet

Others were boastful, almost tainted with anger

For those I’d simply click “delete”

Then came a fateful e-mail

From a tender soul far away

On her keyboard by the window she typed

The words her heart had to say

Warmed by her openness and humor

I could not help but respond

The baby steps of our new lives began

That we had waited for so long

Finally on the phone we connected

To give voice to the words we had shared

Each call made our hearts beat stronger

Like none we could ever compare

At last we met face to face

Fear and doubt flew away like birds

Such joy we found in each others arms

Could scarcely be described with words

A click of the mouse

A beat of the heart

An answer to a prayer

What a great place to start

And so my life found happiness

The kind I only dreamed of

This hopeful heart of yours

Has given mine true love

© Timmy Green 9/1/2001


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