All of My Heart


This is one of my very first poems to Trish, a bit of free verse, and written after we had seen each other for the second time. I drove to Staten Island to pick her up and bring her back to Virginia for my family’s Fourth of July cookout. This was the first of my many treks to New York over the next two years.

“All of My Heart”

When I think of you

It means so much

So many things

How much would I give?

To make you happy

To see you smile

To hear you laugh

All of my heart


How long would I labor

For joys such as these

How far would I travel?

To be by your side

How long would I wait

To feel your touch again

What would it take?

All of my heart


What greater gift can I give?

Or hope to receive

Then I know dreams come true

One cannot give

What already belongs

For my heart is yours

And that makes you


All of my heart

© Timmy Green 7/6/2000


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