“Bottled Sunshine”


Some say after the first year of marriage that “the honeymoon is over,” but I find it encouraging that Trish and I have kept our fire burning much farther than that time frame. Maybe our yearly vacations that serve as our anniversary gifts to each other, and we often refer to them as “honeymoons” have helped, but its also a good sign when you continue to be inspired to write wonderful things about your better half.

I wrote this poem for our six year anniversary, and even though the spring of 2011 will mark 9 years together, I continue to find the emotion to write about our life together.

“Bottled Sunshine”

For six wonderful years

I have tried to find a way

To describe all the things I feel

When I’m with you each day


The world all around me

So often speaks to me of you

From sunrise on the river’s bank

To birds soaring in the sky so blue


I feel the inspiration

For the arts you love so well

But your bright smile and tender touch

Are more beautiful than I can tell


You have shed such vibrant light

Both in my heart and in my mind

That it fills my soul to overflowing

As if you were pouring bottled sunshine


You have spilled this light in darkened places

That I had kept away deep inside

So generously you’ve flooded old wounds

Until the pain no longer resides


Just as the sun gives life to things that grow

The light you give shines on me

When we met I was a broken shrub

But now I feel like a mighty tree


My world revolves around her

In everything I see and hear

Beside her may I forever be

This woman I love so dear.

© Timmy Green – 4/27/2008



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