Each year I try to compose a poem for Valentine’s Day, because when you feel the emotion between you it can carry on for the whole year. That sentiment is expressed for many holidays, and while each of them carries a significance of their own, Valentine’s Day is a personal expression of love. This is the cornerstone of our lives, the rock we always fall back on, and when it is absent there is darkness, but a whisper, a touch, or a token of emotion can be more powerful than we can imagine, and brighter than sunlight.

This poem I composed for Trish on Valentine’s Day 2007, and I hope to compose many more in our years to come.


Sometimes I stand amazed

When I think of our time together

So many things that could have failed

So many tests we had to weather


What’s even more amazing

Is that I barely remember the things

That could’ve broken or torn us apart

Because you gave my heart its wings


There are pitfalls and roadblocks behind us

And more ahead to be sure

So long as my heart beats with yours

I know we can always endure


This day we celebrate our love once more

Yet I could do that all the while

There is no sunrise or glowing moon

That means as much as your smile


There is no distance to keep us apart

No walls of fire or ice

When I count the blessings of joy in my life

I always count you twice.

© Timmy Green – 2/14/2007


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