Colors of my Heart


The world looks different through the eyes of an artist. Then again, we all are artists in our own ways, as we each possess a talent in how we express ourselves. The process usually begins at a young age, no matter if its crayons and paper, or those who make all the world a stage. Those who may be less extroverted may turn to the written word and eventually put pen to paper, while others find a niche amidst almost countless different kinds of mediums.

The world around us is a showcase of awesome beauty, and our minds hold onto the images that stir our souls. Artists have labored for centuries to reproduce the wonders they have beheld, and their attempts to capture the Hand of God at work have inspired countless others to try as well.

We all have the ability to visualize things in our minds, and how each of us attempts to communicate what we see is as individual as our own fingerprints. I began taking art classes in 8th grade and continued all through high school, so I got exposure to many different forms of art. While I was an avid user of pencils and markers in my younger years, lately I have been more involved in the expression of words to create mental images. The automotive art encompasses a wide array of talents, all of which are sources of joy to me, but alas, I am the master of none of those skills.

In contrast, my wife holds a degree in art, with her main focus on photography. Her knowledge of the Masters stretches far beyond my own, but her talent for capturing an image through her camera never ceases to amaze me. Her mind is constantly juggling the effect of colors and shapes, and she finds expression for this through her quilting. The stitching together of carefully selected textures and hues is tedious and time-consuming, but the labor of love carries that passion of her “inner artist” along with every length of thread.

Trish has constantly found ways to help me see the world from her perspective, and she has encouraged me to express myself in many forms so that she might better understand me. It has been a journey of discovery for us both, and one that has greatly enriched our lives.

Inspired by the “rteest” that loves me so well, I composed this poem.

“Colors of My Heart”

Life can be like paintings

Some bright and some dark

Some bursting with vibrant pigments

Some so empty and painfully stark


The canvas begins clean and blank

As we learn through our early years

Our brushes find the swirl of colorful smiles

And the blotches from the stain of tears


Our feelings paint the things all around us

Like the cheerful flowers in bloom

The spring rains and the winter snows

Even the long nights full of gloom


Some of us labor long and hard

As we strive to teach children of our own

Sometimes neglecting the canvas of ourselves

Until we’re sure they’ve matured and grown


But nothing is more somber

Than the artist who paints all alone

For their palette of emotion slowly turns gray

No other eyes to see, or smile to show


Then like a radiant angel

Into the studio of my life you came

With caressing brush strokes you worked such magic

My canvas of happiness has never looked the same


Through tears of joy I asked how you found me

Gently you replied that you knew me from the start

And painting the mural of love was simple

Because you used the colors of my heart

© Timmy Green – 5/4/2001


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