Moonracer: The Long Shadow


After years of work and research, I have finally completed and published my sci-fi novel, Moonracer: The Long Shadow.

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Moonracer paperback at Createspace

I’ve always loved Star Trek and other adventures that showed mankind had a promising future, and here the human race has branched out to terraform and colonize the “Six Worlds.” The moon is now populated, Earth-like, and called Terra Luna, Venus has become a tropical resort planet, and Mars is also teaming with cities and life as a sister planet to Earth. Two moons of Jupiter, Ganymeade and Castillo, are both mining colonies with terraforming processes still underway so they represent the rugged frontier.

The story centers around Terry ‘Tug’ Glenman and his love of ten years, Kelly Armstrong. Tug is a successful Planet-racer (The term for the worldwide racing series on Earth) who has made a name for himself by building cars as much as driving. His best friend and mentor, Jonny ‘Shadow’ Clark is a Planet Champion and helps to elevate them both to highest echelon of their sport, the blistering-fast Moonracing Series where turbine-powered machines rocket around huge courses at nearly 400mph.

A spectacular crash on Terra Luna claims the life of Shadow, leaving Tug distraught and Kelly fearing for the man she loves so much. Shadow’s wife, Sara, blames Tug for his death and turns bitter with subtle revenge. All the while Tug is haunted by Shadow’s last words urging him to press on and shoot for the goal they started together.

Tug stands at uncertain crossroads until the gorgeous queen of Moonracing, Anna ‘Lancer’ Lachey enters the picture and offers to make Tug part of her team, and in a whirlwind of events, suddenly the crown jewel of the sport is within his grasp.

Kelly laments his dangerous choices and Lancer dances across the line between team mate and desire as she seduces Tug to stay in her world. She makes no secret that her ultimate goal is to be the first woman to win the pinnacle of Moonraces, the Luna Le Mans 24, held at the daunting Circuit de L’Aurore on the Aurora Plains of Mars. The marquee race is also the culmination of Tug and Shadow’s dream, but will the turmoil back home destroy everything they worked so hard to achieve?

Promises are made and scores are settled both on and off the tracks of Terra Luna and Mars. Spirits soar and hearts are broken as glory and victory extract their high cost as a man with deep loyalty to a lost friend holds all he loves in the balance.

Moonracer: The Long Shadow is available for eBook download at both Amazon Kindle Store and Smashwords. Print and eBook versions at other retailers such as Barnes&Nobles and Apple iBooks will follow very soon.

Smashwords Version  Amazon Kindle Version


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