“Apex”, A Must-See film!


Every once in a while, a film comes along that sets itself apart with the message it delivers. Any great film always begins with an idea, and in that respect, “Apex; The Story of the Hypercar,” is no different.

In 2008, Audi Motorsports broke new ground when they employed NFL Films to make their fabulous documentary, “Truth in 24.” NFL Films captured the majesty and brutality of Le Mans like never before, and they did so in an incredibly informative and entertaining way.

Documentary film-making has eternally fought for ways to enlighten us without putting the audience to sleep. It can be a tough sell in many cases, but if your interview subjects possess lively, interesting personalities, and the cinematography of your subject matter is captivating, the word ‘documentary’ almost becomes a misnomer.

I often reference the wisdom of James Cameron when it comes to film. His belief that any film, especially a sequel, should be able to stand on its own is cinematic genius. “Truth in 24” stood tall because even if you knew nothing about motor racing or Le Mans, it was still interesting to watch, and even an aficionado came away with more knowledge than before.

‘Apex’ achieves a similar goal by taking the ultra-small, ultra-expensive, elite world of the hypercar and spreads like a mural before your eyes. At the center of the film is Christian Von Koeniggsegg, a Swedish visionary that turned a childhood dream into reality by playing against the giants of the hypercar industry. To named alongside such lofty monikers as Porsche and Ferrari is no easy feat, but Koeniggsegg keeps his vision clearly in focus by way of the boyhood wonder he still holds dear. His image is not one of competition, in fact, he still views the other automakers with a certain awe, but his drive for personal perfection is second to none. This passion is transmitted to those who work for him, and their level of dedication is nothing short of phenomenal.

What truly adds to this film is the broad snapshot it takes of each of the players in this rarified world. Porsche with it technical tour-de-force 918, Ferrari with its pinnacle LaFerrari, McLaren with its astonishing P1, and the modern rendition of Leonardo Da Vinci, Horatio Pagani and his latest work of motoring art, the Huayra. (Pronounced Why-Ra after an Italian wind god)

This subject matter would not be complete with an interview with the company that broke the glass ceiling to create the hypercar, the one and only Bugatti. The Veyron will go down in history as an automotive marvel but the incredible machines it has inspired will be held as breakthrough time in road-legal motoring history.

Apex; The Story of the Hypercar,” is 90 minutes of amazing joy for any automotive enthusiast, but an incredibly informative and fascinating look into a world of performance cars otherwise reserved for wall posters, video games, or the pages of a magazine. Share this film with someone who dreams of owning an awesome car, someone who loves Forza Motorsports, or someone who stops and stares at a dazzling sports car. I may not be a gamer, but I fall into just about every other category.

– T. August Green


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