Luna Le Mans: The Long Shadow

Here’s your chance to grab an ebook copy of the final edition of Luna LeMans: The Long Shadow.


I’ll be offering the first 1000 copies free via a Smashwords coupon, QY33W

Smashwords Luna LeMans


They say experience is the best teacher and I can attest to that fact. The world of self-publishing offers some great advantages but one of the downsides is you either must be your own editor or pay someone to tackle that task.

Paying a copy editor isn’t cheap but I must admit I will consider it strongly in the future. Its great to learn more and hone your skills but those things cost time you might otherwise save. In the end, its a wonderful thing to read your own story in a polished, finished form.

This book has taken years to reach this point and I wish I’d had the reserve in the beginning to put it on a shelf and not look at it for months before I tackled editing the final copy. Looking with “new eyes” is a common practice with successful authors such as Stephen King.

I hope you will enjoy this story of personal triumph and tragedy. It has enough sci-fi to be believable, enough drama to make it human and enough humor to lighten the dark edges. Ride along with Terry Glenman as he reaches for the pinnacle of his sport and faces demons both on and off the track. Find new friends, face new enemies and try to determine which they are as the story plays out across the Six Worlds. The Moon and Mars will never look the same and the perils of auto racing have never been so high. Who will stand atop the podium and what will be the high cost of victory? Its Top Gun meets Star Trek at the 24 Hours of LeMans!


T. August Green

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