To the Leadership at Ford…


Below is a link to a short video documentary about how the leaders at Ford came to the insane decision to name their new electric crossover SUV “Mustang”

Making the Mustang Mach E Origin Story

The following are the comments I left on that website expressing my feelings on this decision. This is quite simply the dumbest idea since the Edsel.

Twenty minutes of Ford executives trying to explain why this was a good idea. Some group of fools thought the FWD Mustang (Probe) was a good idea. News Flash! It wasn’t and neither is this. Ford easily owns 100 other names they could have used. They could’ve built an electric Mustang sports car and been future cutting edge, but no, they build a crossover and want us to believe its a new American icon. Only a group of idiots would think that. This shameless marketing ploy displays a complete lack of imagination and creativity. Obviously these buffoons never heard of benchmarking. The Jag I-Pace looks great, is useful, has strong performance and doesn’t pretend to be something its not. Congrats on blatantly insulting Ford, the late, great Lee Iaccoca and rumor is already floating about a Shelby version. A greater insult has never been given voice, not to mention the MILLIONS of Mustang owners you have slapped in the face with this godforsaken shopping cart. Damn you for your SUV obsession and damn you for ever thinking this was taking the one true American Pony car into the next century. The Deuce is rolling in his grave!

I’ve seen many off-the-rails decisions in the car world, but this one makes as much sense as Chevrolet turning the Corvette into a truck. The Mustang has endured for 50+ years because it remained true to its roots. The original American Pony Car. This new creation, no matter how good in its own right, is not and never will be a Mustang.

Yes, many car-makers have successfully branched into the SUV/Crossover market. BUT, did Porsche call theirs 911 or Carrera? Did Audi call theirs R8?  Did Jaguar call theirs      E-Type? Did Lamborghini call theirs Countach or Muria?  No, because they had the brains to not mess with their own heritage. A lesson Ford obviously has not learned.

This is all the more sad and distressing as the automaker will be getting more attention in light of the success of the recent “Ford vs Ferrari” feature film. A golden opportunity squandered by a team of bonkers executives who obviously don’t give a damn about the crown jewel of their own company.

This is the equivalent of saying the race horse legend, Secretariat should have skipped the Belmont Stakes and spent the rest of his life pulling the manure wagon.

Sorry, Ford, but you suck as a horse breeder.

T. August Green

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