About Me

Welcome to my blog page and I hope you enjoy what you find here. From cars to cats, work to vacations, and other observations in between, inspiration can come from almost anywhere. You can also find me on Twitter @TAugustGreen or on Facebook T.August Green

Some of the posts here are dated since the site includes many of my early works, but I thought this would be the best place to share those things. My first passion is automobiles (right after my wife of course) so be it movies, car shows or life in general, expect the automotive reference on more than one occasion. You will often see the  term “car guy” which I prefer to “gearhead” but either is accurate. From playing with Hot Wheels and Matchbox toys in my youth to the two cars I have now, I can  truly attest to the old saying about “men and boys and the price of their toys”.

Science fiction has also been an influence since childhood with technological advancement and how we use it holding the largest level of interest. I’ve always found it intriguing how mankind will improve so much around our lives, but how little man himself has changed over the centuries. It is this human, emotional element that I find compelling.

I am also a resident Batman nut and I gravitate towards the darker, brooding, equal opportunity butt-kicker rather than the campy portrayal of the old television series. I would also be an enormous liar if I didn’t admit that driving the Batmobile would be a dream come true. Yet there is so much more to experience on life’s highway, so climb aboard, ride for a while and remember, life is as much about the journey as it is the destination.

Previous to this blog, I tried my skills at fan fiction and attempted to publish a Star Trek novel entitled, “Night of the Raven.” Needless to say that attempt ultimately failed but the learning experience was valuable in many ways. I found that creating worlds and characters from scratch is extremely research intensive but well worth the effort.

My first original sci-fi/romance/action novel, “Moonracer: The Long Shadow” is finally completed, published, and I’ve begun work on the next story in the series.

I will be presenting these works under the pen name T. August Green, and as more to follows in the years to come, I will be sure to post about it here…where it all began.

T. August Green


  1. I just can’t get over your car guy story, I’ve been thinking about it all night! I have a new hemi site called Hemi Hot Rods. It’s all about the hemi and the Hemi guy. Would you be interested in righting some stories for us? About hot rods, the history, or what ever you like. I just like the way you put together a story.

    Thanks Patrick

  2. I have enjoyed reading some of your writings, and it reminds me so much of your Daddy and my husband, Marshall. They were blessed to never get caught on some driving they did on the open highway. They both were lovers of cars, motorcycles and FAST Driving. They both are in a better place now, but the Memories will never fade away.
    Love in Christ, Aunt Dot

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